Fiancee Mekong – Paris winter 2014

Fiancee Mekong – Paris winter 2014

Fiancee Mekong

It is the story of a French brand of women wear and children wear. La Fiancée du Mékong, who since about 20 years, draws his road under the sign of the difference, the printed matter, the whim and the femininity.

fiancee mekong
Tunics, tops and dresses of the brand are all of cheerful and flowery colors, and realized in light and exotic materials.

Fiancee Mekong. A woman in sari in a landscape of rice fields. Pigments of mineral powders on an Asian market. The sensualism of a curve of Indian statue. The iris of an Indian stone set by some silver. The graphics of an embroidery Karen. All these images reinterpreted, will give birth to a new printed matter.

La Fiancée du Mékong in Paris:
Boutique Champa, fashion and house, Paris 15.

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