Welcome in an imaginary world of Anatopik, inspired by the tales and the legends, a wonderful universe which builds itself around motives in the lively and contrasted colors. Small unusual characters and fantasies, fairies, witches and roguish sprites come to tell stories on original and moved feminine clothes.

All our references are created, printed and made in Europe.

Some Anatopik’s patterns
2013 Spring Summer :

  • DOLCE VITA (Pauline Cottereau-Junker):
    E dolce la vita ! Viva l’amore !
    This retro pattern is an invitation to travel in Italy in the 60’s. It reminds us the famous Dolce Vita by Fellini.
    Just be glamourous and put some red nail polish.
    anatopik dolce vitaDolce Vita
  • TEA TIME (Anne Wenger):
    From Ceylan to Moscow, going through London, Marrakech or Tokyo, it is time to travel around the world. Follow the tea trail and discover the lushness of the details hidden in this colourful hand-made illustration.
  • EXOTIC (Lucie Brunellière) :
    Go through the Indian jungle on elephant back. Discover charming animals in an exotic and luxurious flora. This pattern was inspired by Henri Rousseau and is perfect for nature lovers.
  • PIVOINE (Émilie Rochat):
    This feminine polka-dot pattern is a bold combination of colourful peonies, graphism and modernity.
  • PIRATE (Lucie Brunellière):
    Let yourself be tempted to go treasure hunting. But be aware of the mermaid’s song!
    This illustration is a retro reinterpretation of piracy.
    anatopik piratePirate

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